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Backorders - Covid Fallout

Covid has hit many manufacturers hard. You may have noticed that several products from the top manufacturers have continually been on backorder. This has been due to manufacturers not being able to get raw materials, packaging products (bottles, caps, labels), and Covid outbreaks within manufacturing facilities causing shutdowns.  Transit times from the manufactures to our warehouse are also longer than normal due to shipper delays from UPS, USPS and Fed Ex.

Below we will keep an updated list of products that we have been notified are on backorder from the manufacturer. We will keep this list updated as we receive updates from each manufacturer. 

We will also add possible alternative products where applicable, for your reference.

Updated 10 March 2021


Ashwaganda- 60 count & 120 count

Nutra BioGenesis

Product SKU Product Description Alternative Product Suggestions
NB37645 AdrenoActive NutraBioGenesis' Adrenal Support Plus or NFH's Adrenal SAP/Adrenal SAP without Licorice
NB10206 AllerDigest NFH's Plant Enzymes SAP
NB10224 AlliHist Relief NFH's Quercetine SAP, Tesseract's Quercisorb-SR
NB38755 Andro Plus LaSante Men's Power Formula
NB10651 ArthroGenx Capsules  
NB10294 ArthroGenx Cream Dollevium Cream 
NB10207 BioAdaptogen Ultra  
NB60773 BioCleanse Capsules  
NB57447 BioCleanse Plus Powder  
NB83429 BioCleanse Powder  
NB91646 BioFem PMS NFH's PMS SAP, Vitanica's PMS Tonic 
NB10408 BioFem Transition NFH's Menopause SAP,  Vitanica's Woman's Passage, Hevert's Menopause Relief
NB95595 BioFocus Powder Tesseract Au-Rx
NB97837 BioInflaMax Capsules  
NB10222 BioInflaMax Powder NFH's InflaCalm, Tesseract's Tetracurcmin SR
NB10213 BioLax Vitanica's Laxablend, Vitanica's Colon Mobility Blend 
NB47087 BioLiv  90ct NFH's Liver SAP or Ayush Livit 2
NB50862 BioPotent C  
NB38818 Biotin 5000  
NB10271 Black Seed Oil NFH's Black Cumin Oil 
NB83125 CogniFactors Thorne's Memoractiv
NB50029 Complete Cell Support Thorne's Resveracell or Thorne's Niacell 
NB10240 CompliVir Ayush's Neem Plus,  NFH's Neem SAP, NFH's Allicin SAP
NB63115 DHEA TR Any DHEA product we offer
NB10261 DIM Balance  
NB10410 Dopa Factors  
NB10219 Electrolyte Plus C  
NB52454 EPA/DHA  
NB10429 EsophaSoothe  
NB10221 Focus Fizz  
NB44624 Gastric Repair Complex  
NB18554 GlucoStability Vital Nutrient's Blood Sugar Support
NB10225 Glutamine Powder Any Glutamine Powder we offer
NB10287 Immune Balancing Complex Ayush's Neem Plus,  NFH's Neem SAP, NFH's Allicin SAP
NB10250 InflamaZyme  
NB55572 Intestinal Repair Capsules Tesseract's Biom-AIDE SR or Thorne's EnteroMend
NB10227 Intestinal Repair Complex Tesseract's Biom-AIDE SR or Thorne's EnteroMend
NB31831 L-Carnitine  
NB54197 Monolaurin  
NB83535 MultiGreens Douglas Labs Organic Green & Reds
NB79256 Muscle Aid Any Magnesium product from other manufacturers
NB10230 OsteoGenesis NFH's Osteo SAP
NB10256 OsteoGenesis ES NFH's Osteo SAP
NB10233 PanZyme 180ct, Gelcap NFH's Digestive Enzymes SAP 
NB10234 ParaBiotic Plus NFH's Allicin SAP
NB10417 Phyto Immune Thorne's Phytogen or Ayush's Flucomune 
NB93943 Premiere Greens Multi, Vanilla Berry  Douglas Labs Organic Green & Reds
NB10267 Pro Flora Colonizer Ayush's Probiotic 100B, LaSante's Dophilus Probiotic, NFH's ProBio SAP, NFH's Recovery SAP
NB10296 Rejuvenate Estriol Cream  
NB57653 Resveratrol Plus Flavonoids Thorne's Resveracell
NB20505 Sleep Factors Vital Nutrient's Sleep Aide or Vitanica's SleepBlend
NB82363 Sterol 117  
NB10268 Sterol 117  
NB33932 Stress Factors  
NB10266 Tocotrienol 50  
NB10241 Tri Zinc  
NB10245 Ultra CoQ10 Any CoQ10 products we offer
NB60522 Ultra Gest NFH's Plant Enzymes SAP or NFH's Digestive Enzymes
NB10421 Ultra Greens pH Douglas Labs Organic Green & Reds
NB10243 Ultra Pure Whey Protein LaSante Whey Protein
NB10259 UltraGenesis Any other MultiVitamin 
NB10244 UltraGenesis w/o Copper and Iron Any other MultiVitamin 
NB32869 UltraGenesis w/o Iron  
NB35313 UltraLean LaSante Whey Protein
NB36432 UltraLean LaSante Whey Protein
NB41241 UltraLean Chocolate  LaSante Whey Protein
NB10237 UltraLean Appetite Control Desbio's Appetite Control
NB10426 UltraLean Thermo Max  
NB10430 UltraLean Vegan Thorne's Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder
NB10247 UltraLean Vegan 1.2lb Thorne's Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder
NB10248 UT Max Protect  60ct Ayush's Rentone
NB64214 VegiZyme NFH's Plant Enzymes SAP or Ayush's Vegenzyme
NB42870 Vitamin D 5000 LaSante's Vitamin D 5,000
NB10253 Vitamin D3-K2 Emulsion  
NB10702 White Willow Forte Inflacalm SAP, Tetracumin-SR, Meriva SR, Curcumin H20 SAP
NB45909 Xylitol Gum  
NB10202 Xylitol Mints  
NB10205 Adrenal Support Plus  
NB10212 BioAdreno 90ct  
NB10216 BioLipotrol  
NB10217 BioProstate  
NB10298 BioThyro  
NB10282 Diabetone Plus  
NB54696 Eskaloft  
NB10610 Fiber Advantage  
NB90264 Liposomal Melatonin  
NB10228 Methyl Factors  
NB10262 Migra-Clear Ultra  
NB10238 Oregano Oil  
NB10246 Tri-Magnesium  100mg 120ct  
NB10422 Ultra Hematinic  60ct NFH's Heme SAP
NB10232 Ultra Pure Whey Protein : Vanilla LaSante Whey Protein
NB10260 White Willow Forte Inflacalm SAP, Tetracumin-SR, Meriva SR, Curcumin H20 SAP
NB46364 White Willow Plus 60ct Inflacalm SAP, Tetracumin-SR, Meriva SR, Curcumin H20 SAP
NB55009 1% Retinol Cream  
NB65155 7-Keto  
NB34129 Arnica Spray Dollevium Cream 
NB74559 Bi-Estro  
NB45861 Brightening Skin Complex  
NB66106 Calendula Spray MediNatura Calendula Ointment
NB80030 Chest Rub with Organic Neem  
NB64709 DHEA Plus 15  
NB80020 Estriol  
NB79613 Estro-Care 25  
NB18661 Estro-Progensa  
NB98423 Hyaluronic Acid Serum  
NB80018 Liquid Iodine Plus  
NB74471 Magnesium Gel  
NB80034 Magnesium Topical Spray  
NB53588 Melatonin 3  
NB16012 Men's Topical Cream  
NB65753 Progensa 20  
NB16175 Progensa Complete LaSante's Progesterone Cream or Protocol's Progesterone Cream 
NB98710 Progensa Mist LaSante's Progesterone Cream or Protocol's Progesterone Cream 
NB86841 Progensa Plus LaSante's Progesterone Cream or Protocol's Progesterone Cream 
NB58785 Sinustat Nasal Spray  
NB59483 Topical Probiotic Cream  
NB80032 Triple Advantage-Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE & Vit C  


Protocol P5905 ACACIA POWDER ORG 12 OZ  
Protocol P3344 ADRENAL CORTISOL   90 VCAPS Adrenal SAP
Protocol P0406 B COMPLEX NEURO F  60 VCAPS Methyl Guard, MethylGuard Plus, B-Complex SAP
Protocol P1720 BORAGE OIL 240 GLA    60 SGELS GLA SAP
Protocol P2645 Chlorophyll 100mg Ex 90 VCAPS  
Protocol P2936 CHEWABLE PROBIOTIC  90 LOZ LaSante's Berry Dophilus Kids
Protocol P0147 THEANINE 200 MG  60 VCAPS Any Theanine product available from other brands
Protocol P0497 Methyl B-12 10,000 mcg  60 LOZ LaSante's Chewable B-12 5,00mcg
Protocol P0529 MYO-INOSITOL POWDER 1 LB Inositol SAP
Protocol P0185 N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE 1,000 120 TABS NAC SAP
Protocol P0498 FLUSH FREE NIACIN 500mg   90 VCAPS NutraBioGenesis' BioLipotrol, Thorne's Resveracel, any Niacin product available from other brands
Protocol P0453 B-12  10,000 NUTRIDOSE  12 PACK Liquid B-12 SAP, Pure's Liquid B-12
Protocol P4642 CURCUMIN PHYTO 500MG  60 VCAPS Tetracurcumin SR, Curmin SAP, Inflacalm SAP, Curcumin H20 SAP, Meriva SR

Pure Encapsulations

B-Complex Plus 120's B-Complex SAP, MethylGuard, or MethylGuard Plus
Benfomax Vital Nutrient's Blood Sugar Support
Curcumin 500  Tetracurcumin SR, Curmin SAP, Inflacalm SAP, Curcumin H20 SAP, Meriva SR, and  97% Curcumin Capsules
Digestion GB Digestion SAP
EPA/DHA Essentials Trident 66:33 SAP, Ayush's Omega 369, LaSante's Omega 369
Magnesium Citrate Any magnesium citrate product from our other brands
Men's Nutrients 180's LaSante's Mens Formula
ONE Multivitamin 60's Any multi vitamin from our other brands
Saccharomyces Boulardi 60's Any Saccharomyces Boulardi from our other brands
Thyroid Support Complex 120's LaSante's Thyroid Energy 

RLC Labs: Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid

All Nature-Throid  and WP Thyroid products are currently not available due to a voluntary FDA recall issued in August of 2020. RLC Labs is not providing any updates concerning when or if product will be available in the future. If we hear anything, we will be sure to update this information for you. 

In the meantime, we are carrying NP Thyroid products from Acella Pharmaceuticals. To view their products click here.

New Product Listings

We will direct you to new product information here for quick reference. 

 Ultra Fiber Plus is back under the LaSante brand!


Policy Updates

Did you miss a newsletter? We will keep you up to date on new company policies or important information you can reference here. 

Order Minimum and Shipping Rate Increase Effective March 1, 2021

The minimum order amount to receive free shipping will increase to $275

Shipping charge will increase to $10.75 if the order minimum for free shipping is not reached

The additional Drop Ship Fee will be waived