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Last Updated: July 2022

The aftermath of COVID-19 continues to hit many manufacturers hard both from both supply and labor sides. You may have noticed that several products from the top manufacturers have continually been on backorder. This has been due to manufacturers not being able to get raw materials, packaging products (bottles, caps, labels), and continued COVID-19 outbreaks within manufacturing facilities causing shutdowns. Transit times from the manufacturers to our warehouse are also longer than normal due to shipper delays from UPS, USPS and FedEx. Although there seems to be improvement in some areas, others are still working to recuperate and replenish supplies. 

We will keep an updated list of products that we have been notified are on backorder from the manufacturer. Also, where applicable, we will provide possible alternatives products.

MicroBiome Labs

Once we have been given an ETA on when the below products will be available, we will provide an update.

Goodbiome Foods – Berry Blast
Goodbiome Foods – Lemon Chia
Goodbiome Foods – Oat Mookie


Nutritional Fundementals for Health (NFH)


Pure Encapsulations



MediNatura has moved the following injectables to tablet form:

  • ZEEL

Will be Available in April 

  • Zeel Tablets
  • WellMind Vertigo Tablets


NOW Foods / LaSante

7 Keto- will not be available until December 2022

Vision Aide- 60ct 2023

Vision Aide- 120ct Unknown ETA

Lady's Balance- Unknown ETA

Women's Formula- Unknown ETA


Nutra BioGenesis: Discontinued and Backordered Product

Allvia               Triple Advantage-Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE & Vit C Discontinued 
N-BioGenesis         ArthroGenx Cream Discontinued 
N-BioGenesis         BioFem PMS Discontinued 
N-BioGenesis         BioFocus Powder Discontinued 
N-BioGenesis         Complete Cell Support Discontinued 
N-BioGenesis         GlucoStability Discontinued 
N-BioGenesis         Glutamine Powder Discontinued 
N-BioGenesis         Pro Flora Colonizer Discontinued 
N-BioGenesis         Rejuvenate Estriol Cream Discontinued 
N-BioGenesis         Ultra Gest Discontinued 

Allvia Backordered Product:

Allvia               1% Retinol Cream
Allvia               Bi-Estro
Allvia               Chest Rub with Organic Neem
Allvia               DHEA Plus 15
Allvia               Estriol
Allvia               Estro-Care 25
Allvia               Estro-Progensa
Allvia               Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Allvia               Liquid Iodine Plus
Allvia               Magnesium Topical Spray
Allvia               Melatonin 3
Allvia               Men's Topical Cream
Allvia               Pregnenolone 15
Allvia               Progensa Mist
Allvia               Progensa Plus
Allvia               Topical Probiotic Cream


RLC Labs: Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid

All Nature-Throid  and WP Thyroid products are currently not available due to a voluntary FDA recall issued in August of 2020. RLC Labs is not providing any updates concerning when or if product will be available in the future. If we hear anything, we will be sure to update this information for you. 

In the meantime, we are carrying NP Thyroid products from Acella Pharmaceuticals.  



New Product Listings

We will direct you to new product information here for quick reference. 


Ultra Fiber Plus is back under the LaSante brand! Exact same formulation as before, just a new look to the label. 


If you are looking for our CBD products, please visit our website to view and purchase. Or call us 800-458-0891. The brands we carry are:

Revida / Polite / CV Sciences / Dolevium