Nutra Northwest

Nutra Northwest

What is Nutra Northwest?

Nutra Northwest is Evolving Nutrition’s Patient Portal. A convenient alternative to setting up a drop ship order without the hassle of dealing with the transaction process. We take care of all the details and shipping for you.


How does it work for me, the Practitioner?

Easy! Simply refer your patients to order the product you have recommended they use from Nutra Northwest directly. We will handle the transactions and ship directly to them.

How do I as the Practitioner benefit?

By using the convenience of Nutra Northwest, it means you do not have to stock, track and handle product transactions. Especially now, when telemedicine is the primary mode of communicating with your patients; having an in-house dispensary can add complications to a time when additional stresses are not needed.

Beyond the simplicity of use, you can also collect a commission on product your patients purchase. You will receive up to 30% of the product sold (less any discounts you wish to provide and not including shipping and taxes). This commission will be paid to you at the end of every quarter.

How does a patient place their order?

Direct them to www.nutranorthwest. They will set up their own account (they will be asked who their referring physician is) and then place orders for the product they need.

Can I offer them a discount code to use?

Yes. You can choose to offer your patients either a 10%, 20% or 30% discount off of retail price. We will issue you a coupon code that you can distribute to the patients you refer to Nutra Northwest.

Have more questions? Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help!

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